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Laura Abios is a Gospel Music Minister. She is a talented, prolific and a spirit filled soul singer who carries so much grace in her ministration and has ministered in various platforms and ministries across Nigeria and South Africa. She is also a powerful Praise & Worship leader. A Song writer, Voice Coach, Vocalist, expert in grooming Choirs and Soloists in various ministries.
She has humbly shared stage with several popular gospel musician, the likes of Chevely Franklin, Asu Ekiye, Uche Double Double, Omenesa, Sonny Badu just to mention a few. She has also ministered in One Gospel Studio, South Africa. In her university days she was the music director of Christian Fellowship international. She has trained and coached various choirs / choristers across various ministries in Nigeria. Worship leader in Word Of Live Bible Church and other Ministries. A member of FOGMMON. She holds a BA degree in Public Administration. Happily married with two wonderful kids.
Her songs are currently trending with several recognition and awards on MTN Music Plus. Her songs are also being regularly played in various radio stations across the country.
Her current Album “GRATITUDE” has 8 powerful inspiring tracks, which includes; You Do Well, Elohim-Azar, Be Still, Holy Spirit, Faithful, Ihioma Chukwu, Imela and Love Story. All the tracks in this Album are available on Apple iTunes, Amazon, Google Music Store, iHeartRadio, Rhapsody, SoundExchange and other online music stores worldwide.

Contact Info:
GSM: 09029092006, 08181814525

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YOU DO WELL by Laura Abios

YOU DO WELL is a single by Laura Abios, since its release on 4th September 2016, the song has aided many in appreciating the goodness of God on their lives, and has been widely received bymany.

In Psalms 34:19 the Bible say “Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivered him out of them all.

So if you are grateful to God for all His many deliverance & protection then this song "YOU DO WELL" will further aid you in expressing your Gratitude to God.

HOLY SPIRIT by Laura Abios

The Holy Spirit is our Helper, Our Comforter, the One that makes Christianity easy,

Without Him our struggles will be in vain, but in Luke 11:13 God said the Holy Spirit is a free gift for those that will ask of Him.

Any gathering of God`s people need the Holy Spirit to be fruitful, even our individual lives;

This song “HOLY SPIRIT” will further aid you in worshiping God and inviting the awesome presence of the Holy Spirit to take His rightful place.

ELOHIM AZAR (God my Helper)

This single “ELOHIM AZAR (God my Helper)” from her newly released album titled GRATITUDE by Laura Abios is in celebration of the various ways and times God stepped into our situations and HELPED US, especially when He is called upon in prayers with a heart of GRATITUDE.
No human being can succeed in this present world without the Help of God.
Bishop Festus Akhimien, Bishop of the CGMI bishopric headquarters Abuja, preached a message titled ELOHIM AZAR in which he expounded the meaning and application of ELOHIM AZAR, which is one of the names of the Almighty God.
As you listen to the song prayerfully, God will Help you, God will re-write your story and give you an outstanding Testimony.


Love Story is a celebration of LOVE with gratitude to God for making it possible for the love to exist & survive, while also celebrating the STORY behind the love, because for every Love there is a STORY.

LOVE STORY connotes love between couples, friends and families and the STORY behind the existence & survival of the love, Life is all about love and Gratitude to God.

So let’s Celebrate LOVE and our Loved once with this song - LOVE STORY


  1. This is lovely.

  2. Awesome production... More Grace and Anointing. This is just the beginning. Greater works in store for you!


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